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A Few Words on Accumulators in Football Betting ?

An accumulator in football betting can be simply put down as a betting slip which combines multiple selections in a single wager. A slip can combine two matches to as big as 12, as offered by some bookmakers. The slip is only considered won when all your selections win.So, it is clear that even one of the selection fails, the entire stake is lost.It is often the case than many might get buoyed by the bigger odds that an accumulator could return. In truth, the risk involved in these are much higher. For a single bet selection to choose the winner of a match, your chance of winning is 1/3.This means you are banking on one of the 3 events to come true and your actual chance of winning such a single bet is 33%. When the do the same on Over/Under or BTTS, it is 50%. However, the risks can be further brought down by the use of proper analysis.Coming back to combining multiple matches in a single slip – your actual chances of winning are further diminished.For a four fold win-draw-win slip, the real chance of winning is 1/12. In a single bet, it was 33% and it became 8.33% for a four-fold bet. In short, accumulators are not a get-rich scheme.


A few words on our Approach

We analyse football matches with the help of data and statistics. Our main purpose is to provide the best possible pre-match insights. However, it is not limited to pure maths or just numbers. Our analysts often keep a close watch on team news, head-to-head statistics and player performance ratings.

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All kind of ‘Betting’ involves high risk and you are the only person responsible for the wise use of your money. So, please use the opinions and predictions provided in this page as a primary opinion. Reason, our four fold Accumulator Tips well analyzed and we do all possible ways to ensure it safe. We do not hold any responsibility for any loss caused by following our tips. Like we had mentioned before, our main criteria to provide the best pre-match analysis using a combination of statistical data and real time analysis.

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